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What do the CEOs know about CSR? An Article from Business Respect, Issue Number 48, dated 26 Jan 2003 By Mallen Baker We usually report the headline results in brief of the various surveys that give snapshots of changing attitudes to corporate social responsibility. However, with some of the world's most powerful CEOs gathered together at Davos, now seemed like a good time to review the changing attitudes of this particular group. Hill & Knowlton have recently released a review of the attitudes of CEOs, comparing the views of leaders from the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. It gives an interesting insight into the messages currently being heard at the top.
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For some people, corporate social responsibility is about programmes. Stuff that you do where you can describe what you're trying to achieve, what approach you've taken to achieve it, and whether it worked. But it needs to include the other aspect - how you and your staff behave on a day to day basis. You could label this element straight business ethics - my version is that it's about what you do when you think that nobody's looking. The UK's Institute of Business Ethics reviews accusations that appear against companies in the news headlines - around 300 stories for last year. Of these the largest number involved issues affecting customers. For instance, product safety issues, misleading advertising or overcharging. The next largest group covered market abuses, such as anti-competitive behaviour or bribery. Third then came a wider group of environmental and human rights issues. It's a lot of stories about malpractice. No wonder public trust in businesses remains at a low 26 percent.
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An Article from Business Respect, Issue Number 69, dated 11 Jan 2004 By Mallen Baker In our first new year edition of Business Respect, two years ago, we made a number - nine no less - of predictions about what would happen in the world of corporate social responsibility over the coming five years. Two years in, and in the spirit of accountability, let's see how we're doing. 1. There will be a growing emphasis on the quality of management of corporate social responsibility - not just whether you do it at all. This prediction goes to the heart of the business case for CSR. All those who look for conclusive evidence of a link between CSR and the bottom line have to have some way of rating how well CSR policies are put into practice, not just what is the rhetoric. There is no other aspect of management where you would expect such a link to be automatic, regardless of the quality of your work.


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