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By GSMIweb on 22-Apr-10 00:15.

Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI) is pleased to announce a sponsorship by JetBlue Airways of the CSR Performance Summit 2009. The low-cost airline will sponsor the event as part of its Jetting to Green program. The Summit, hosted by GSMI, takes place in New York City on May 11-13, 2009, and is the only event focused on corporate social responsibility and performance management. It will feature case studies, panels, and networking sessions with executives from some of the top responsible companies, including Dell, Jones Lang LaSalle, Campbell Soup Company, Sodexo, Office Depot, Seventh Generation, FedEx, and Waste Management. "We feel fortunate to have a terrific partner in JetBlue, who shares our vision for environmental and social responsibility and can help us to provide an excellent forum for professionals to share best practices, innovative approaches and solutions to common challenges in the field," said GSMI President Luke Vinci. "JetBlue believes in volunteering our services and promoting education about the environment and preservation of our planet," said Icema Gibbs, director corporate social responsibility for JetBlue Airways. "The CSR Performance Summit is an important opportunity for companies to strengthen their corporate responsibility programs, and we're pleased to be a part of it."
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 23:42.

(Performance management is a relatively new concept to the field of management. Performance management literature typically starts out with various examinations of the term "performance". The following information describes how the term "performance" in this library is used in this library.) Supervisors have conducted performance appraisals for years. Employees have attended training sessions for years. Organization members have worked long, hard hours for centuries. Processes, such as planning, budgeting, sales and billings have been carried out for years in organizations. But all too often, these activities are done mostly for the sake of doing them, not for contributing directly to the preferred results of the organization. Performance management reminds us that being busy is not the same as producing results. It reminds us that training, strong commitment and lots of hard work alone are not results. The major contribution of performance management is its focus on achieving results -- useful products and services for customers inside and outside the organization. Performance management redirects our efforts away from busyness toward effectiveness.
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 23:17.

We all want to be associated with a winner, be it a winning person, a winning team, a worthwhile cause or a successful organization. We all have sports people, teams, actors or artists that we consider "ours". When they do well, we bask in their reflected glory. It's the same at work - we want to be associated with a worthwhile "winning" organization. Our greatest reward is receiving acknowledgment that we have contributed to making something meaningful happen. More than anything else, people want to be valued for a job well done by those they hold in high regard. A famous study by Lawrence Lindahl in the 1940's came up with some surprising results. When supervisors and their employees were asked to list "What motivates the employees?" . . .
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 23:03.

To Handle Business Change, Devise Strategic and Tactical Plans Change management can also be done once you successfully developed and devised strategic plans. Afterwards, plans don't just end up as plans, they should be realized through collective actions of employees who can be responsible in creating, designing, and implementing the created plans to cope with the changing business environment. The Structure of Plans that Are Transformational in Nature There are four characteristics of the structural transformational long-term plans and these are: 1. the scale or the effects caused by changes to all or most of the business enterprises 2. the magnitude which requires relevant alterations of the status quo 3. the duration which could last for months and possibly last for years 4. the strategic importance
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:59.

The early months of a job are the most important in determining whether the match between employee and organization is going to be successful or not. If the recruitment has been handled well and reasonable expectations have been set by all parties, then it comes down to the relationship between the employee and the manager. Ideally you will have a performance management system that incorporates WHAT people need to do through a job description and HOW they are to do it through core competencies and behaviours. However, whether you have that in place or not, early setting of expectations and provision of feedback is essential. Regardless of the seniority of the job, it is important that the new employee has some direction and receives information on how they are going. We have previously discussed Expectations of Success which are the targets for a new employee over the first few months - possibly even up to the first year.


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