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By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:41.

Dr. Ferdinand Tesoro, Director, WellPoint Dental and Vision Planning and PMO This interactive, experiential, and insightful session will answer the following questions: How do you ensure that you have the right strategy for your organization? What are leading and lagging performance measures and how are they used effectively? How did the WellPoint Dental and Vision organization utilize the Value Chain, Balanced Scorecard and performance indicators to generate business results and shareholder value?
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:39.

In this article, CEO Pablo Contreras shares valuable insights into managing a complex organization delivering on equally complex customer requirements. He shares how InterComp leverages and adapts CPM tools, the Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard to provide multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, and multi-faceted services across its sprawling, high growth enterprise. Contreras's Russian operation has taken the use of these tools to new heights. Its customers are a Who's Who's globally including Adidas, Motorola, Continental, IBM, Wrigley, Shell, RusAl, KMB-Bank, to name a few. And yes, InterComp's Customers love to see their Balanced Scorecard results. InterComp Chairman George E. Reese, voted "Outstanding Business Person of the Year" by the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia offers the following insights on the Balanced Scorecard, "The Balanced Scorecard is vital to a startup and early stage company for it provides the roadmap and focus for employees as they deal with rapid change and high growth and concurrently delivery outstanding results".
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:23.

Denyelle Bruno Peet's Coffee & Tea Of the global fortune 5000 companies over 50% of them use a scorecard to help manage their organization. This case study shows how Peet's Coffee continues to grow. Since 1966 they've had fanatical customer loyalty. We know performance management helps grow this sensation and it has helped create a staple business in San Francisco. At the core of every effective balanced scorecard, there is a strategy map that articulates organizational strategy and breaks it down to operational terms. Strategy maps show the cause and effect linkages between the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard. They reveal the relationship between organizational strategic objectives.
By GSMIweb on 23-Mar-10 17:25.

Captain Jack and the BPM Market: Performance Management in Turbulent Times By by John Colbert | Jun 1, 2009 Just like the fictional Master and Commander, today's business executives face tempestuous challenges. BPM can help them to chart a course through the storm, even as the winds of change buffet the major market players. In the early scenes of the epic drama Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World, Captain Jack Aubrey, played by Russell Crowe, is found on the quarterdeck making decision after decision to protect his ship and save the lives of his crew (as well as his own) while accomplishing his mission. Gale-force winds, dense fog, the unrelenting sea, and the sinister presence of an enemy ship threaten the captain's chances of survival, and he has to make constant course modifications, jettison a fallen mast (along with a deckhand), and demonstrate supreme confidence to his crew so that they can all survive to see another day of blue skies and calm seas.
By GSMIweb on 23-Mar-10 17:14.

The Elephant in BPM's Room: Unhealthy Performance Management Policies By Forrest W. Breyfogle III | Jul 28, 2009 The economic crisis was caused, in part, by fundamental business process management (BPM) issues that led to some destructive behaviors and left companies with very poor resistance to economic stresses. Yet little attention seems to be given to these elephant-in-the-room issues. In discussions of the causes of our current economic and financial troubles, many commentators have focused on greed as a major factor that led to severe unintended consequences. Others -- bloggers from the Harvard Business Review (HBR), for example -- have placed the blame for the crisis on the failings of our business schools.


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