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By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:59.

The early months of a job are the most important in determining whether the match between employee and organization is going to be successful or not. If the recruitment has been handled well and reasonable expectations have been set by all parties, then it comes down to the relationship between the employee and the manager. Ideally you will have a performance management system that incorporates WHAT people need to do through a job description and HOW they are to do it through core competencies and behaviours. However, whether you have that in place or not, early setting of expectations and provision of feedback is essential. Regardless of the seniority of the job, it is important that the new employee has some direction and receives information on how they are going. We have previously discussed Expectations of Success which are the targets for a new employee over the first few months - possibly even up to the first year.
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:56.

It is not unusual for a new manager to find that his or her predecessor has, maybe for years, tolerated performance from a team of a lower standard than they are willing to accept. Not only has the newcomer to deal with the normal problems of gaining acceptance from the team, he or she has to step up to some difficult conversations early on in their relationship with people who are probably going to be resistant to changing their behavior. How do you convince a person to improve their performance when they have been paid, and maybe even promoted, for years, for what you consider to be sub-standard performance? This is a conversation that needs some careful planning or you could find yourself in a difficult and unpleasant conversation. There are three key points you should keep in mind.
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:54.

This may sound like a mix of the 7 deadly sins and Steven Covey's 7 habits, and maybe it is. People are beginning to realize that what happens in their lives comes from inside rather than outside ourselves. If we're struggling, it's because there's at least one area of our lives in which we're out of integrity. So here's a list of 7 habits to eliminate if you want to move forward and achieve more success and happiness. Procrastination. The Scarlett O'Hara "I'll do it tomorrow syndrome." Why do we put off doing what we believe we should do? Maybe the fact it's a "should" could be one reason. Ask yourself why you should be doing this. Is it because someone else or society thinks you should? Not a good enough reason. If it's something you feel you need and want to do, even if it's a chore, then putting it off only causes stress. Do it, delegate it, or dump it. Lord Chesterfield said it before Nike condensed it, "No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination; never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." Overcoming procrastination is tough, but not impossible. Do just one thing today you've been putting off and you'll feel better.
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:52.

Does your team or organization wish to identify and eliminate the frustrating roadblocks that impede everyone's productivity? This article offers a detailed, six-step, best-practice blueprint for discovering, prioritizing, and eradicating those "burning hassles" that are driving you, your colleagues, or your customers crazy. Overall success will be more likely if you do the following: --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Hold a meeting with your group to kick off the discussion on hassles. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Explain the reason for the session, the process you will be using (see the steps below), and then begin brainstorming concerns, obstacles, and hurdles. Try to describe each issue in terms of its effects rather than whose fault it is.
By GSMIweb on 21-Apr-10 22:51.

"Innovations in Performance Management" January 30, 2009, San Diego, Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI), in partnership with over twenty different corporations, is proud to announce that it will be hosting its premier performance management event for those looking to improve individual and organizational performance, the Global Performance Forum IV "Innovations in Performance Management", in Orlando, FL on April 27-30, 2009.


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