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A New Brand of Value: Integrating Branding into Corporate Performance Management By James Gregory, Bob Paladino, and Jill Akman | Apr 22, 2009 Performance management activities do not generally focus on the performance of the corporate brand. But adding measures of brand familiarity, favorability, and loyalty to corporate performance management processes sets the stage for better corporate strategy execution. Every business has a corporate brand that requires attentive management. Brands have an innate power to either hurt or help a company; the organization determines which of these two possibilities becomes reality through the ways in which it leverages the brand. Sometimes the corporate brand is thought of as a cost center, but organizations are better served by viewing it as a business asset. A company needs to understand its brand, gauge its effectiveness and potential, and manage the brand as it would any other asset. This is a challenging proposition. A corporate brand affects multiple audiences, both internal and external. Internally, a brand touches employees, management, shareholders, partners, and vendors. Externally, the brand can reach the media, prospective investors, customers, and everyone else who interacts with the organization.
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Effective and efficient execution of strategy is the number one area of concern for executive leaders today. Last week, over 80 not-for-profit and government leaders convened in Washington, D.C. to discuss how the Balanced Scorecard can be used to help address the massive challenges faced by social and public sector organizations. Led by Harvard Business School professors Robert Kaplan and Allen Grossman, the conference included participants from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Fulton County Public Schools, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the University of Leeds, and the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Boston. March 9, 2009, Washington, D.C. In the face of decreasing endowment values, budget shortfalls, and decreasing donations, social service and public sector executives are facing a generational crisis that threatens to shake the very foundation of the social safety net in the United States. The Madoff scandals alone have caused several nonprofits to close their doors, and severe budget cuts are negatively affecting public sector organizations across the country.
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Much has been written about what makes a great leader. Although we agree that successful managers must have the attributes of a great leader, by themselves these attributes are not enough. Many great leaders still do not build successful organizations. Much has also been written about what makes a great organization. But again, poor managers can cause great organizations to lose momentum. Our concern is different. We are interested in how successful managers can achieve breakthrough performance regardless of the quality of the organizations they manage. What we call breakthrough performance is the kind that positions nonprofits to create high levels of social impact and lasting change. Nonprofits that deliver great results over time are best positioned to survive, grow, and have an impact. Nonprofits that perform poorly, on the other hand, end up irrelevant or even as failures. And nonprofits that perform merely satisfactorily are vulnerable to shifts in the funding climate or the political environment.


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