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Standards of Corporate Responsibiity An Article from Business Respect, Issue Number 83, dated 15 Jun 2005 By Mallen Baker The International Standards Organisation has just completed a summit meeting in Korea on the future development of the proposed Corporate Social Responsibility standard ISO 26000. At the same time China has announced a new responsibility standard for the textiles and garments industry. Surely such standards represent progress. I wonder. There are certain things that can be achieved reasonably well with management systems. Environmental management has shown itself over the last ten years to be one. After all, ISO 14001 is effectively about identifying impacts and managing processes to reduce them. Environmental issues are scientific in nature. Your process will produce a number of emissions and wastes. Redesigning the process, and improving efficiency, can reduce these. All you need to do is to apply human ingenuity to the problems, and then consistently manage and control the processes. Quality is the same. No point in producing top quality products one time in three, if consistent monitoring and control of the process means that you can achieve zero defects.


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