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What do the CEOs know about CSR? An Article from Business Respect, Issue Number 48, dated 26 Jan 2003 By Mallen Baker We usually report the headline results in brief of the various surveys that give snapshots of changing attitudes to corporate social responsibility. However, with some of the world's most powerful CEOs gathered together at Davos, now seemed like a good time to review the changing attitudes of this particular group. Hill & Knowlton have recently released a review of the attitudes of CEOs, comparing the views of leaders from the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. It gives an interesting insight into the messages currently being heard at the top.
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Data center and IT managers are not paying sufficient attention to the process of measuring, monitoring and modelling energy use in data centers, according to a recent interactive poll conducted by Gartner, Inc. Gartner said that unless users start to create accurate dashboards, they will not be able to reduce energy costs and meet compliance requirements. The Gartner webinar conducted in April 2009 among more than 130 attendees from the infrastructure and operations (I&O) management found that although green IT issues remain at the top of the agenda, respondents consider vendor and green procurement a low priority activity for the next 18 months. Although 68 percent of respondents thought data center energy management is their most important green IT issue for the next 18 months, only 7 percent consider green procurement and pushing vendors to create more energy efficient and greener solutions as their top priority.
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During the summer of 2009, Prosci will be releasing a number of "Five tips" tutorials. These tutorials will provide simple, actionable steps to improving change management application. Each tutorial will focus on a particular element of change management, including: • Five tips for: Succeeding in change management • Five tips for: Sizing your change management efforts • Five tips for: Better communications • Five tips for: Managing resistance • Take the survey at the end of this tutorial to let us know which tips you are most interested in reading more about The first "Five tips" tutorial looks at being successful in change management. The tips come directly from practitioner experience and benchmarking data from Prosci's six benchmarking studies conducted over the last 12 years (Note: the 2009 edition of Best Practices in Change Management will be released this summer).
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The first tutorial in this two-part series addressed the change associated with improvement systems - implementing approaches and methodologies that create change in an organization. While the large scale organizational structural changes associated with reorganization or acquisition activity often utilize change management, structural changes associated with improvement systems - like creating an office or team or group to take the lead with a particular methodology or system - are often ignored. This tutorial presents • A high level look at the importance of managing structural changes coming from improvement approaches • An introduction to the Change Management Office as an emerging structure • A discussion on the change associated with an Internal Consulting function from special guest author Dr. William Trotter.
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The ultimate goal of change management is to engage employees and encourage their adoption of a new way of doing their jobs. Whether it is a process, system, job role or organizational structure change (or all of the above), a project is only successful if individual employees change their daily behaviors and workflows. This is the essence of change management - mobilizing the individual change necessary for an initiative to be successful and deliver value to the organization. There is a whole system of people in the organization responsible for supporting employees in making this transition. From the highest levels of leadership to front-line supervisors, effectively managing change requires a system of actors all moving in unison and fulfilling their particular role based on their unique relationship to the change at hand. This tutorial examines the five key change management roles: • Change management resource/team • Executives and senior managers • Middle managers and supervisors • Project team • Project support functions


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