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"Innovations in Performance Management" January 30, 2009, San Diego, Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI), in partnership with over twenty different corporations, is proud to announce that it will be hosting its premier performance management event for those looking to improve individual and organizational performance, the Global Performance Forum IV "Innovations in Performance Management", in Orlando, FL on April 27-30, 2009.
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Todd Birchenough Program Director Unisys Managers have access to more information than ever before and, as a result, strategy execution has become reality for all organizations. In this case study, you will learn to use data and dashboards to enhance decision-making and align people to organizational strategy through a simplified view of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).
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Dr. Ferdinand Tesoro, Director, WellPoint Dental and Vision Planning and PMO This interactive, experiential, and insightful session will answer the following questions: How do you ensure that you have the right strategy for your organization? What are leading and lagging performance measures and how are they used effectively? How did the WellPoint Dental and Vision organization utilize the Value Chain, Balanced Scorecard and performance indicators to generate business results and shareholder value?
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William G. Shenkir, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus McIntire School of Commerce University of Virginia It is not uncommon for modern businesses to carry a wide variety of risks, ranging from litigation to technological disadvantages, in their risk portfolios. Because there are so many risks ranging in severity and scope, there is a need among organizations of all industries to manage the diversity of risks that can impact their survival. ERM has emerged as a necessary process for organizations to address risks they face. For ERM to be effective and integrated into the organization, it must be fully understood and defined. In this session, you learn how ERM should be defined and understood by stakeholders within the organization.


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