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Much has been written about what makes a great leader. Although we agree that successful managers must have the attributes of a great leader, by themselves these attributes are not enough. Many great leaders still do not build successful organizations. Much has also been written about what makes a great organization. But again, poor managers can cause great organizations to lose momentum. Our concern is different. We are interested in how successful managers can achieve breakthrough performance regardless of the quality of the organizations they manage. What we call breakthrough performance is the kind that positions nonprofits to create high levels of social impact and lasting change. Nonprofits that deliver great results over time are best positioned to survive, grow, and have an impact. Nonprofits that perform poorly, on the other hand, end up irrelevant or even as failures. And nonprofits that perform merely satisfactorily are vulnerable to shifts in the funding climate or the political environment.
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An Article from Business Respect, Issue Number 69, dated 11 Jan 2004 By Mallen Baker In our first new year edition of Business Respect, two years ago, we made a number - nine no less - of predictions about what would happen in the world of corporate social responsibility over the coming five years. Two years in, and in the spirit of accountability, let's see how we're doing. 1. There will be a growing emphasis on the quality of management of corporate social responsibility - not just whether you do it at all. This prediction goes to the heart of the business case for CSR. All those who look for conclusive evidence of a link between CSR and the bottom line have to have some way of rating how well CSR policies are put into practice, not just what is the rhetoric. There is no other aspect of management where you would expect such a link to be automatic, regardless of the quality of your work.


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