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About the Author: Kenn Allen is founder and president of the Civil Society Consulting Group LLC, a global firm committed to ‘helping leaders in NGOs, business, and government unleash the power of people to change the world.' There no longer is any place for business to hide. This was the judgment of Thomas Friedman (2000) in The Lexus and the Olive Tree, an examination of the growing tension between the forces of globalisation and the yearning for community. He was arguing that globalisation of business has been paralleled by globalisation of expectations about how businesses will behave. No longer can business escape scrutiny by moving its operations to obscure locations in developing countries.
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By encouraging employees to participate in community activities through company sponsored volunteer programs, a business contributes to building better communities. Corporate volunteering allows people to contribute skills and knowledge to a not-for-profit organization and actively participate in the community. It makes people feel good. Corporate volunteering can be a low-cost, short-term, low-risk, high-impact way of making the knowledge, skills and experiences of the business sector accessible to the not-for-profit sector while building understanding, employee skill and community goodwill. Corporate volunteering provides an opportunity for potential partners to experiment with a relationship by getting to know each other before embarking on something more complex. Corporate volunteering programs can be structured and formal or ad-hoc and informal.
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Back in the mid-1990s, John Wood was living large. As Microsoft's director of business development in China and director of marketing for the Asia-Pacific region, he was Bill Gate's point man in Asia. He traveled the world, was shuttled to meetings in chauffeured cars and wheeled, dealed and dined at four-star restaurants These days, Wood's meetings are held in developing countries over cups of tea with heads of villages. He left his jet-set lifestyle in 1999 to found Room to Read, a nonprofit that builds schools and libraries in developing nations. Wood details his personal and professional transformation in his new memoir Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. Abandoning corporate America to solve the world's problems is not for everyone. But in the last decade, more execs seem willing to give up the fight to get ahead in their own careers so they can battle on behalf of others. Forsaking pricey creature comforts is a little easier than it used to be. Top executives have amassed massive amounts of wealth in recent years. Just look at the Forbes list of the 400 Richest Americans, where the price of admission is now $1 billion.
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he concept of corporate social responsibility deserves to be challenged. It seems that political correctness has obfuscated the important business points. It is absolutely correct to expect that corporations should be "responsible" by creating quality products and marketing them in an ethical manner, in compliance with laws and regulations and with financials represented in an honest, transparent way to shareholders. However, the notion that the corporation should apply its assets for social purposes, rather than for the profit of its owners, the shareholders, is irresponsible. The corporation's goal is to act on behalf of its owners. The company's owners--its shareholders--can certainly donate their own assets to charities that promote causes they believe in. They can buy hybrid cars to cut back on fossil fuel consumption or support organizations that train the hard-core unemployed. But it would be irresponsible for the management and directors of a company, whose stock these investors purchased, to deploy corporate assets for social causes.
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Performance appraisal is probably the most misused and abused management tool in history. When asked, the majority of human resource managers will swear blind that it is their most important device for reviewing members of the team. The reality is that, on the whole, managers, supervisors, and employees hate the thoughts of them and they rarely get done. Human resource professionals spend a lot of time whipping people into doing them, while managers look for a variety of reasons to delay the process. The reason for this is that it's often an uncomfortable practice to carry out, people undertake performance appraisal for the wrong reasons and from the wrong perspective. This can end up putting the manager and the employee on different "sides". Appraisals are used for determining pay increases, who gets let go, who gets promoted. Most commonly, they are used to focus on what people have done wrong.


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