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"Innovations in Performance Management" January 30, 2009, San Diego, Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI), in partnership with over twenty different corporations, is proud to announce that it will be hosting its premier performance management event for those looking to improve individual and organizational performance, the Global Performance Forum IV "Innovations in Performance Management", in Orlando, FL on April 27-30, 2009.
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January 30, 2008, San Diego, Global Strategic Management Institute (GSMI), in partnership with Ascendant Strategy Management Group, is proud to announce that it will be hosting its premier performance management event for government agencies and non-profit organizations, the Mission-Critical Performance Management Summit, in Washington, DC on March 4-6, 2009. The most widely used and accepted management system in the exploding nonprofit and government performance management sector today is the Balanced Scorecard, a time-tested framework that helps organizations align their operations to strategy for exceptional (top 10%) results. This event will feature keynote sessions presented by Balanced Scorecard co-creators and management thought leaders Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton. As an event specifically designed for government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, the Mission-Critical Performance Management Summit will feature case studies and thought-provoking sessions that will give you the insight to:
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As part of Cura's continuing Executive eBriefing Series on Enterprise Risk Management, we hosted a live Web based presentation and open Q&A session in December 2008 for our clients and friends. This month's session featured Mr. Grant Purdy, a nominated expert on the ISO working group which recently wrote ISO 31000, the new global standard for Risk Management. Developed in concert over the last 3½ years by over 30 ISO member organizations worldwide, ISO 31000 is arguably the most concise, clear, flexible set of guidelines ever developed for risk management. Mr. Purdy discussed with our audience how ISO 31000 represents a durable, flexible framework for developing a solid risk management culture in all forms and sizes of organizations. Incidentally, in our experience, we have never seen a more lively, attentive and engaged online audience for any topic like we had for this one. Officials from a broad array of industries were treated to a thoroughly informative dialogue. Here we present some of the fascinating highlights of the Q&A session with Mr. Purdy and our audience. We hope you find it helpful.
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The Balanced Scorecard is today's most widely used performance management system. This case study will showcase the principals in action. Understand the key principles and the evolution of the Balanced Scorecard Analyze the 4 Balanced Scorecard perspectives: 1. Customer 2. Process 3. Learning and Growth 4. Financial Develope tools to implement a successful Balanced Scorecard within your organization
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Todd Birchenough Program Director Unisys Managers have access to more information than ever before and, as a result, strategy execution has become reality for all organizations. In this case study, you will learn to use data and dashboards to enhance decision-making and align people to organizational strategy through a simplified view of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).


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