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William G. Shenkir, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus McIntire School of Commerce University of Virginia It is not uncommon for modern businesses to carry a wide variety of risks, ranging from litigation to technological disadvantages, in their risk portfolios. Because there are so many risks ranging in severity and scope, there is a need among organizations of all industries to manage the diversity of risks that can impact their survival. ERM has emerged as a necessary process for organizations to address risks they face. For ERM to be effective and integrated into the organization, it must be fully understood and defined. In this session, you learn how ERM should be defined and understood by stakeholders within the organization.
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Carolyn Pexton Director of PR and Communications GE Healthcare - Performance Solutions Consensus is building around the need for transformation in healthcare. The quest for excellence has increasingly involved adapting best practices from other industries. Some of the most successful health systems are adapting business strategies and process improvement techniques that have allowed companies to thrive over the past two decades. In this session, attendees will learn how a comprehensive approach can help to overcome common barriers and create a roadmap for sustainable change.
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John Cramer Business Operations Director, Six Sigma Business Excellence CIGNA Corporation Part of the holistic quality approach used at CIGNA combines the discipline and rigor of Six Sigma with Applied Behavioral Science to identify critical behaviors driving the right business results, not only by employees directly involved in the process flow, but also the management leadership behaviors required to reinforce the new behaviors supporting the improved process. We will review a case study of how critical behaviors by front line staff, managers, and directors, were identified and vertically aligned to support process improvements made to a transactional service process and how Six Sigma controls and measurement systems were implemented to track and monitor results.
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Denyelle Bruno Peet's Coffee & Tea Of the global fortune 5000 companies over 50% of them use a scorecard to help manage their organization. This case study shows how Peet's Coffee continues to grow. Since 1966 they've had fanatical customer loyalty. We know performance management helps grow this sensation and it has helped create a staple business in San Francisco. At the core of every effective balanced scorecard, there is a strategy map that articulates organizational strategy and breaks it down to operational terms. Strategy maps show the cause and effect linkages between the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard. They reveal the relationship between organizational strategic objectives.


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