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Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance (EGRC) Driven by a business process and risk approach, MEGA helps companies leverage control over their operations to improve confidence in business performance. Enterprise GRC Challenges Market uncertainty, waning of consumer and investor confidence, increasing control required by regulations, and risk-based profitability are all integral parts of the current economic climate. Certain issues must be addressed: • How to take into account these factors and adjust the company directives and strategies to achieve performance goals. • How to guarantee that business objectives are not unknown or unmanaged threats. • How to demonstrate to shareholders, regulators, rating agencies, business partners and customers that the organization is under control. The MEGA Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution
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eFortresses, Inc. Launches New Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Practice Using... Mon Jan 19, 2009 eFortresses, Inc. Launches New Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Practice Using Groundbreaking Methodology ATLANTA, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- eFortresses, Inc., a global provider of security and compliance solutions, has launched its new GRC practice using exclusive methodology that stands alone in the security and compliance industry. eFortresses GRC leverages the HISP (Holistic Information Security Practitioner) methodology with Six Sigma and Lean Technology to custom design an holistic integrated information security and compliance management system that will show improved efficiency, reduced waste and an ROI to organizations that subscribe to the service. "Our new identity, 'A Beacon of Light in a Sea of confusion' says it all," states John DiMaria, Director of Professional Services. "While Six Sigma is not a new concept, we have taken it to the next level by applying it to GRC and using it to complement the HISP methodology," DiMaria added. Branded as the IOCM (Implement Once Comply Many) process, eFortresses specialists help organizations form not only the basis for an effective information security program or management system, but design and deploy a comprehensive risk governance platform both for compliance and assurance, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.
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Design meets GRC The concept for a new design of garden seating began with a visit to the recently opened Malcolm Sargent House, Bexley, founded to help young people recovering from cancer regain their confidence and self-esteem and to focus on life, not the illness. As they have spent so much time inside hospitals and institutions, being outdoors is important. The idealism and energy at the centre provided the inspiration to undertake a project to suit the needs of garden seating, and I made this my degree project at Ravensbourne College. Those at Malcolm Sargent House required a seat that was permanent, yet permitted a degree of flexibility. There was a wish to break with hierarchy, i.e. seating around a table, and to bring a degree of playfulness and informality into the garden. Young people often place modest demands on the seat type, and in many situations accept sitting almost anywhere: on the floor, street, stairs, the edge of fountains, flowerpots and grass. One element that was important throughout the whole project, was the thought of `leaving your mark' and to close the illness off and start moving on with life after cancer. This is done in a very literate way, by scratching into the surface.
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Governance, Regulation and Compliance Roll Up: A Critical Need for eDiscovery By MARISA PEACOCK | Published Sep 2, 2009 This week in Governance, Regulation and Compliance examines the current state of eDiscovery and issues within the oil, gas and energy sector. A Critical Need for eDiscovery Certification Standards On the Legal Technology News site, results from an annual survey by Socha-Gelbman revealed a great need for qualified eDiscovery professionals. The report indicated a shortage of expertise in the market-place with providers, law firms and corporations and is likely to grow over time. The shortage of professional within the eDiscovery field comes as a result of inadequate training and the lack of certifiable standards or procedures. The need for qualified eDiscovery professionals piggybacks on what Charles Skamser, founder and CEO of eDiscovery Solutions Group remarked recently at a Chicago area luncheon for litigators and global information management professionals. Mr. Skamser says that "the quicker the leaders from within the eDiscovery and GRC markets establish and enforce both standards and certifications, the quicker we will begin to see a normalization effect that will enable the entire industry to move forward in a more coherent way."
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Crafting a Sustainable Approach to GRC Eric Krell January 7th, 2009 While researching an article on corporate sustainability for the Baylor Business Review, I came across a framework for crafting sustainability strategies that also serves as strong guidance for GRC strategy-setters. Nicholas Eisenberger, managing principal of GreenOrder, described his firm's "CRED" rubric: Credibility: Why should anyone believe us? Relevance: How can we leverage sustainability to create value?


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