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The important question today is not, “What do you sell?” but, “How does what you create—content, user experience, hard and software—make someone feel connected to something deeper, more intrinsic, than they did before?”

While GSMI’s Digital Marketing events equip employees to meet quarterly goals, deliver on their KPIs, and drive profitable enterprise—they remind us that effective business involves a key element that is not always quantitative.

The speakers, sponsors, and leaders of GSMI’s Digital Marketing events come together to highlight the very human nature of what we do. We don’t just take our products to market: we inspire, we transform, we connect.

The useful case studies and tools shared over the course of these 2-3 day summits come second only to the inspiration buzzing throughout the conference halls. It is here we remember that regardless of our industry or role—at the other end of our tweets, our servers, our apps, and our iPads—it is people with whom we must connect.

Where will you be inspired?


Social Media Advertising Strategies Summit

Deep dive into social media advertising best practices across top platforms!

August 5-6, 2020
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Social Media Strategies Summit First Responders

SMSsummit for First Responders brings together a vetted, specially curated series of sessions and seasoned, experienced speakers to tackle topics that have the biggest impact on your agency or department’s social media strategy.

August 18-19, 2020
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Social Media Strategies Summit Higher Education

#SMSsummit Higher Ed the #1 event for marketing practitioners in higher education to learn best practices in social media marketing from today’s leading colleges and universities through hands-on training, in-depth case studies and peer-to-peer learning.

October 27-29, 2020
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Social Media Strategies Summit

America’s longest running social media event – covering strategy development, storytelling, content marketing, analytics and more! #SMSsummit

October 28-29, 2020
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Talent Acquisition Week

2021 Vision: Take a Step into the Future of Talent Acquisition.

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